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From the Desk of Laura Juarez, Business Woman and Yogi

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  • International Women’s Day March 21, 2018
    Recently on International Women’s Day, I posted this entry on Facebook.  It was more of a musing than cared for writing, but a number of people reached out to me afterwards to share their “spark” and continue the conversation.  Thus, I’m sharing broadly as, while my words, this is a collective state of being ready […]
  • You look like you’re here, but are you? March 13, 2018
    Recently, a fabulous yoga instructor at Pure Yoga in Asheville encouraged us to feel what we are feeling & notice the emotion. Sometimes our emotions have been dragged from the past & sometimes lassoed from the future. The question is; Are we experiencing fully & thus feeling deeply the present moment? That morning as she guided […]
  • Our Purpose Path February 20, 2018
    **Article originally published by WNC Women February 2018** _____________________________________________________________________ I hesitate to say I’ve learned anything completely as mastery is elusive.  Time shifts understanding and advances possibility.  And thus, what I can say is I am on the path to learn a better way.  A better way to make an impact, live fully, care for […]
  • Off the wagon February 9, 2018
    Greetings!  I am dusting myself off from the clumsy fall from the wagon as I write.  It is February 9th, and the resolution wagon has hit the unexpected potholes of distraction and boredom.  In hindsight, with 46 years of life experience, perhaps surprise shouldn’t be my response. What I intended to do at the beginning […]
  • Life is like poker February 6, 2018
    Someone once described life to me as a card game.  There are seasons to simply pass by the game, seasons to find your fellow players & choose the game, to pick up the card deck and shuffle, to deal, and to play.  Truthfully, this analogy annoyed me more than illuminating life’s cyclical nature; however, years later […]