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Practicing Mindfulness For Leadership, Awareness and Growth

From the Desk of Laura Juarez, Business Woman and Yogi

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  • The Pinnacle of Practice. October 22, 2017
    What if everything we do is a practice?  A practice of connection, alignment, and balancing effort with ease?  What if what we achieve is secondary to what we practice? I know… My hair goes up on my neck just a bit with that thought.  Perhaps we can just consider.  On the yoga mat (which for […]
  • A * MAZE October 5, 2017
    Amaze:  In awe / overwhelmed with wonder. A maze:  A winding, unknown, unpredictable journey from start to stop. To quote my friend, Linzi, “Same, Same, but Different.” We can choose amazement in the midst of the ordinary if we choose to be overwhelmed with wonder by the potential of each and every moment.  It is […]
  • What does love breathe? September 21, 2017
    I am blessed to have parents who have been married almost 51 years.  As a married woman, I understand that love’s oxygen is a carefully woven blend of commitment, presence, and compassion. Living our love is different than simply loving.  I can love another and still mistreat with unkind, impatient words.  In the important moments […]
  • The heartbeat of expression September 14, 2017
    Did you know our heart has a magnetic field with more than a 3 foot radius? In yoga, we think of our hearts as the center of our subtle body.  Our heart chakra, anahata, is our reservoir of expression.  In every moment, our heart asks us to be truthful and unrestrained by feeling deeply our […]
  • The journey home September 8, 2017
    It is part of our human experience to lose our center; sometimes just a small step out of line & other times long, slow fades away from our truth. From a place of curiosity, scan just today.  Can you see moments of light, dark, loss of presence, grasping, illusion? Now breathe.  Breathe out your judgement […]