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Practicing Mindfulness For Leadership, Awareness and Growth

From the Desk of Laura Juarez, Business Woman and Yogi

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  • What are you trying to get right? May 21, 2018
    Am I doing it right?  And if not, does that mean it’s wrong or that I can’t do it? Recognize this inner dialog? Let’s get granular for a moment and look at this on the yoga mat.  As we practice asana, consider the following suggestion:  Center yourself by grounding into stability, stilling your gaze, & […]
  • Unveiling May 9, 2018
      Recently, an Asheville writing coach & author of “Birth Your Story,” Jaime Fleres-Mizejewski, asked her tribe to share beyond the surface; our nuances, idiosyncracies, and soul’s truth. Just writing this list reconnected me to ME, and connection to self is a portal to connection with the rest of the world.  When we get real with […]
  • Ubutu May 2, 2018
    You are glorious and messy, brilliant and silly, beautiful and flawed.  And you are amazing.  Not because of what you do, the words you choose, or the impact you make.  You are amazing in your being.  Like mind-blowing, heart-soaring, soul-stirring AMAZING.  Do you believe it? When you strip away your actions, roles, and contributions, can […]
  • Soften Beyond The Bone April 24, 2018
    Think of your body for a moment.  Your structural integrity is in the magnificent geometry of your bones.  Your bones give you stability & strength.  They hold us firm when the wind blows, and allow us to announce ourselves as upright, powerful beings of action in the world.  When compared to the rest of our […]
  • After the final NO comes a YES April 17, 2018
    So many of us talk in the language of constraint; feeling confined to the outcomes of decisions made in a more guarded heart, fearful mind, and less awake spirit.  We arrive at 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years old, and we contemplate, “what’s possible given my reality?”  And then we stall because this question is […]