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Savasana, or corpse pose, is this invitation from our big Self, our Spirit, to our little Self, our humanness, the ego of who we are. To Rest. To turn over, our worries, our attachments, our stories.  To settle into that stillpoint of peace where our gender, our job, and our choices are secondary to our truth.  […]

The Mind-Body-Soul Benefit of Dhyana

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As modern humans, our brain’s pleasure-centers are unavoidably tied to sources of instant gratification and constant distraction, such as text-message pings, YouTube memes, and social media likes. These may be exciting and entertaining at times, but when our relationship to them is left unchecked, our spiritual lives suffer. Why? In Sanskrit, there is a word that can help […]

The invitation of Namaste

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We close our practice with a heart-centered Namaste.  When I talk to people about this word, I hear them talk about compassion, love, support, and honor for others.  This term has become a gift we give to others as a reminder that we see them fully and within that seeing, we witness their magnificence, their […]

Slough off the Should

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So often, we are asked “how many times a week should I practice?” These SHOULD questions are always looking for what’s RIGHT and for some reason, that little SH**** word gives rise to guilt and self-admonishment when we miss the mark of RIGHT. Here’s how I think about it…. What are your practices of self […]

What are you trying to get right?

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A flower just blooms

Am I doing it right?  And if not, does that mean it’s wrong or that I can’t do it? Recognize this inner dialog? Let’s get granular for a moment and look at this on the yoga mat.  As we practice asana, consider the following suggestion:  Center yourself by grounding into stability, stilling your gaze, & […]

You look like you’re here, but are you?

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be all there

Recently, a fabulous yoga instructor at Pure Yoga in Asheville encouraged us to feel what we are feeling & notice the emotion. Sometimes our emotions have been dragged from the past & sometimes lassoed from the future. The question is; Are we experiencing fully & thus feeling deeply the present moment? That morning as she guided […]

Corpse Pose

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It’s the end of your yoga practice, and the teacher turns down the lights.  You know it’s coming…. savasana.  Deep rest.  No more sweating, twisting, or balancing. Savasana translates to corpse pose.  Don’t let that make you feel any less affectionate about it!  The name reminds us that this pose is more than just resting.  […]

What does that word even mean?

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My favorite definition of reverence comes from Gary Zukav who defines it as this: “Reverence is engaging in a form and a depth of contact with Life that is well beyond the shell of hte form and into the essence.  Reverence is contact with the essence of each thing, person, plan, bird, and animal.  It is […]

Why do we roll?

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Roll out our mat, that is. What brings us to yoga is often not what draws us back.  We come wanting, striving, reaching for wellness, inner peace, and connection.  We come back to receive its gifts in a knowing that it is not about “doing yoga” but about allowing yoga to envelope us.  And instead […]