Have you placed yourself below the fold?

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I have heart-felt intentions of carving out time for all that I know will serve me. Meditation, self-care rituals, time with family and friends, retreats that give me a prolonged pause. And yet, we all experience that true shifts in patterns are so much harder than they appear. We have story around “not enough” (time, […]

Feel The Flow

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I hiked a trail that paralleled a stream today.  There’s something magical about watching moving water; the perfect balance of forward energy and effortless being.  The water doesn’t “try” to flow, push through fatigue, or make a plan to veer left at the large rock blocking its path.  It just does what it does because […]

What are you trying to get right?

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A flower just blooms

Am I doing it right?  And if not, does that mean it’s wrong or that I can’t do it? Recognize this inner dialog? Let’s get granular for a moment and look at this on the yoga mat.  As we practice asana, consider the following suggestion:  Center yourself by grounding into stability, stilling your gaze, & […]