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Feel The Flow

I hiked a trail that paralleled a stream today.  There’s something magical about watching moving water; the perfect balance of forward energy and effortless being.  The water doesn’t “try” to flow, push through fatigue, or make a plan to veer left at the large rock blocking its path.  It just does what it does because it is what it is.

Imagine if our “doing” emerged from a deep connection to our “being.”  Our true self informing our choices and commitments; our expression in the world led by our native SELF.

Imagine what it might be like to follow our natural flow; intuitively responsive to the “rocks’ that arise?

Recently, a friend of mine wrote these words to explain her response to a barrier that appeared in the midst of actualizing her vision:

“A tide of excitement has risen and fallen in my life …. <and even in the midst of setbacks,>  I am operating at a higher vibration and standing firmer in all I’m intended to do in this world. I remain deeply connected to my mission, perhaps even more so, as I learn and grow from day to day….  So, for now, I’m in a place of rest with an eye for curiosity about future unfoldings. AND, I’m still showing up every day to see what is in store.”

There are times when our stream is clear and full, and thus our flow is quick and sure.  And there are times when the barriers arise in a way that slows or confuses us and draws us into inquiry.  Where am I?  What does this new information reveal?  Inquiry is not giving up; it is a choice to yield to question; curiosity our vantage point.

And may we all remember that the water flows only when the basin is full.  When the basin is drained or low, the water slows, swirls, coagulates in stagnant pools.  When the water (our energy & emotional cup) is high, the water has the potential to move with clarity & purpose.  Keep Your Cup Full.