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Have you placed yourself below the fold?

I have heart-felt intentions of carving out time for all that I know will serve me. Meditation, self-care rituals, time with family and friends, retreats that give me a prolonged pause.

And yet, we all experience that true shifts in patterns are so much harder than they appear. We have story around “not enough” (time, money) and “too much” (responsibility, work, family commitments). We have strongly grooved patterns of how we move through our week (don’t believe it? sit in someone else’ seat at the dinner table or switch sides of the bed). We are “afraid” of dropped balls & disappointing others.

And so we keep on keeping on; rinse and repeat with an inner niggling that there must be a better way. And for most of us, there is. The question is: Will we shift our priorities to ensure we aren’t below the fold.

In business, “below the fold” means your website is so far down in the google search that it goes unnoticed. It means the site itself is not optimized and hasn’t created a compelling enough message to catch the intention.

It’s worth considering if you, in your own life, are below the fold. That when you do your “mental search” of what’s important and thus what will get your attention, that so many things hit your radar before you that you go unnoticed. That you have failed to create a compelling story of self-worth that resonates with your spirit and informs your choices.

Consider the number of years you have walked this planet.  How many more will you allow yourself to be below the fold?

Are you ready for your wellbeing, happiness, and fulfillment to be above the fold?  Do the work.  No one in your life is going to facilitate that process for you.  Author your path.