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Listen to Your Body

ACCEPT that somedays, it's just not your day, and that's FINE.

Respect your body & capability as it exists today. Honor your body on each step in your wellness journey.

Follow your own wisdom.  Your teacher is your guide, and you are your own leader.
Sharp, shooting, tingling, or cramping pain means stop.  Otherwise, embrace the opportunity to find comfort in the discomfort.
Declare your mat a judgement & criticism free zone.
Move intentionally & with an engaged core to protect against injury.
When your beath becomes ragged, and you are unable to reclaim a smooth breath, take a break.
Stack & soften your joints.  Think alignment & micro-bend.
Before entering a pose, activate your core & neutralize your pelvis.
Move cautiously until your body is warm.
Hydrate well: before and after practice.
Avoid eating a meal 2 hours prior to class.  A light snack is fine.
Maintain a steady gaze in every pose for balance.
Let us help you!  Take our guidance if we suggest a prop or modification.  We are trained to keep you safe.
You are perfectly imperfect. Replace frustration with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Drop the comparison. You are beautiful and so is the person next to you!