Set an Intention

~ Respect your body & its capabilities just as it is today. Honor your body

in each step of your wellness journey.


~ Follow your own wisdom. Your teacher is your guide. YOU are your own leader.


~ Sharp shooting pains or severe cramping is something that should not be ignored. Listen to your body and know when to ease out or find comfort in the healthy discomfort.


~ Declare your mat a criticism and judgment-free zone.


~ Flow intentionally with an engaged core to protect yourself from injury.


~ Pace your movement with your breath, inviting your mind to focus on your breathing rhythm. Let your breath lead you.


~ Stack and soften your joints. Think alignment and micro-bend.


~ Before entering a pose, activate your core and neutralize your pelvis.


~ Move cautiously until your body is warm.


~ Hydrate well before and after practice.


~ Avoid eating a heavy meal up to 2 hours prior to class.


~ For better balance, maintain a steady gaze throughout each posture.


~ Let us help you! Respect your body and follow our guidance if we suggest a prop or modification. We are trained to help keep you safe and free from injury.


~ You are perfectly imperfect. Replace frustration with enthusiasm and inspiration.


~ Drop the comparison. You are beautiful and so is the person next to you!