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Slough off the Should

So often, we are asked “how many times a week should I practice?” These SHOULD questions are always looking for what’s RIGHT and for some reason, that little SH**** word gives rise to guilt and self-admonishment when we miss the mark of RIGHT.

Here’s how I think about it…. What are your practices of self care? These include those that keep your interior and exterior self clean, those that create a body that supports your ENTIRE LIFE (think 85 years incredible!), those that nourish your spirit and soothe your mind, and those that are a clear message to ourselves that we’re are worth every moment of self-care.

Every day, the world pings, beeps, & pushes you. Every day, your schedule is busy, there are tasks that drain, families to care for. Every day, you are doing good, giving back, and dreaming big. Where is your daily self-care ritual?

A little bit of yoga every day helps you metabolize life, boosts your wellness, and makes your heart sing.

What’s the ideal # of times to practice? Design your self care ritual. Ask yourself: how often would you like to roll out your mat? And then figure out how to make that happen because you deserve it.