"When I left Atlanta, I had a hard time finding a similar community and space. After practicing nearly every day for 8 years at that same studio, I stopped yoga altogether. I realized that the people and space were just as important to me as the practice itself. Discovering Pure Yoga has been a bit like coming home. I love the intimacy of the studio and giving and receiving hugs when I walk in the door. I also like how consistently I am challenged, yet how each class is different from the last."

- Michaelyn



"As a new mom, I was neglecting self-care and personal time. Even when I was out for a run, or soaking in the tub, I was still on my phone, paying bills, meal planning, etc. I really needed something that would allow me to completely unplug and just focus on the moment. Pure Yoga was running the 30 day special, so I signed up!

I love Pure Yoga because I have never felt intimidated or uncomfortable in a class. At age 31 and having never done yoga before, there are lots of people who are more advanced than I am in each class, but I've always felt like I belonged there just as much as the next person." - Caroline



Honestly, pure is my family! I walk into class looking forward to each practice knowing that I'll be leaving with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart. Every teacher is genuine, knowledgeable and caring. Pure yoga so special. You feel an endless amount of support by not only the instructors but, the whole Pure community! - Becca




"I love the sense of community that Pure Yoga provides to both regulars and out of town visitors. The space is beautiful and has such a special energy, the first time I walked through the doors I felt that it was the place for me!" - Taylor


"The community, the challenge, the fun, the support, the teachers. I've been in and out of so many yoga studios over the years, and never before have I felt so at home." - Sass