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What are you trying to get right?

A flower just blooms

Am I doing it right?  And if not, does that mean it’s wrong or that I can’t do it?

Recognize this inner dialog?

Let’s get granular for a moment and look at this on the yoga mat.  As we practice asana, consider the following suggestion:  Center yourself by grounding into stability, stilling your gaze, & engaging your core strength.  From there, allow your breath to lead your body into expansion as you unpack the pose.

This works for every asana in every style of yoga.  While a teacher might give detailed technical cues and even sometimes adjust your body through touch or verbal guide, the greatest wisdom you have is the information you are gathering and using in the moment about your experience today.

Why start with grounding?  This is a fundamental principle worth honoring as it creates a solid foundation rooted in safety & intention.  Our foundation is our clarity and still point.  It is the trunk of our gorgeous tree.

From a strong foundation, we can explore, experiment, and play with new possibilities and ways of being.  Warrior Two with the intention of JOY is the same as and different from Warrior Two steeped in the intention of CONFIDENCE.  Triangle today, running on too little sleep because of an emotional event in our life, is the same as and different from Triangle when we feel on top of the world.

Staying present to our state of being today and honoring ourselves with the “right” energy expense and deposit is self-care.  No teacher can do that work for you.  Self-compassion blossoms from inner knowing and love.

The practice of compassion is a choice.  What are we creating space for?  How can our breath lead us gently to observe versus do?  And perhaps from that place of witness, a choice to caress one day and break free the next.  When we drop out of thought and into experience, we receive the wisdom we need to unfold into the pose in that moment.

This is where the sacred lives.