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What if we turned it off?

As a learner by nature, I have always followed the news closely; current events, shifts in industry, leadership theory, new research….  You name it, I’m fascinated by it.  (Except science – my brain turns off right around the 3rd standard deviation reference).

Much as who we spend time with shapes our perspective, what we invite into our mental field shapes us.  It filters how we experience life, it gives birth to opinions, and it reinforces our opinions.

Frightening when you then consider that the majority of the media we ingest is negative and/or altered.  The news is designed to elevate heart rates and social media is skilled at illuminating only our friend’s best hair day; leaving us stressed & feeling less than.

Imagine if we turned it off altogether, or even if we became conscious in our selection of source, story, amount of time.

Imagine if we replaced social media & Apple News trolling with breath and stillness.

If we sat in the presence of our own divinity and connected to the miracle of simply being.  Celebrated the privilege to be in this body at this time?  Remembered deeply at a core level that life is a precious gift, and that we have a choice around how we live it.

Imagine if from that place of knowing, we connected our most profound inner wisdom to our voice in the world. To have that be what we share.

And while we may not think our voice is big enough, or has full range, we elect to trust that it has ripple. We elect to trust in our sphere, and our way, in our circle. And we begin to create a better and more positive dialogue of love and compassion.

Imagine if we ALL did this?  I can almost feel the universe sigh with relief; so happy to finally have the hearts of its beloved back.  Will you join me in this grand experiment?

Love & Peace,


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