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What is your authentic voice?

I have a dear friend who was born to be on a grand stage. Her ideas are powerful, her voice mesmerizing, and her intention pure. I have an equally soul & heart wide open friend who has no desire to speak to masses and thrives in intimate connection; one-on-one, eye-to-eye, breath-to-breath.

However you perceive your social skills and comfort, an authentic voice is something different than simply speaking words. It is a voice that arises from our deepest knowing (Wisdom) deepest being (Soul) and deepest wanting (Heart). We share our authentic voice through our words, eyes, presence, choice of work, allocation of time, and our vote.

We use our authentic voice when we align our words, actions, and decisions with the wisdom of our soul and heart. We embody our truth when we use our voice to elevate love, share power, and clarify highest good.

Just showing up on our yoga mat is a choice to honor the ONENESS of all. It is; after all, what the heart of the practice is; yuj / to yoke. When we roll out our mats, we honor the intra*connection of people, generations, and planes of existence.

This mat practice we adore is our life practice. It is our practice of staying in discomfort, exploring edges consciously, treating ourselves with integrity, and building our confidence to put our authentic voice into the world in an impactful way.