I remember when my son was small, and he would take eternal showers.  Not just long but NO HOT WATER LEFT FOR DAYS, FOREVER LONG.

I would continuously retrieve him, in his pruned state, and wrap him in a towel; talking about water conservation and time effectiveness.  For a young boy who just loved to sing and dream while feeling warm water raining gently on him, you can imagine how effective those conversations were.

And thus next day, he would take a shower.

And it would last forever.

And I would go back down, fuzzy Pooh towel in hand, and repeat the process.

I remember when my daughter would climb into our bed every single night, sinking deep under the blankets so we would not notice she was there. Of course, as with most children, she was in a state of perpetual wiggle-worm-movement, and thus, it was always abundantly clear that she was there.

We would carry her back to her room, and encourage her to snuggle with her giant teddy-bear, and she would.

And the next night, she would come back to our bed.

I remember thinking will anyone in our home ever flush a toilet? Or wipe a counter-top? Or put a dish in the dishwasher?

And everyday, these repetitive cycles of instruction followed by old behavior would would occur. And I would think it will never end.

But it always does.

And that’s the great part about life. That everything works in a cycle. That in the process of life, everything is birthing & dying: people, ideas, and behavior.

And so pay attention to how much time you give to the temporary because most of it will take care of itself. Discernment obviously is necessary as some behaviors do demand intervention,  but watch your habit of getting frustrated over something that will fade away on its own.

It is the state of frustration, not the behavior we are attempting to correct, that becomes permanent in our life.

With love,


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