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Savasana, or corpse pose, is this invitation from our big Self, our Spirit, to our little Self, our humanness, the ego of who we are.

To Rest.

To turn over, our worries, our attachments, our stories.  To settle into that stillpoint of peace where our gender, our job, and our choices are secondary to our truth.  It is here that we can fully surrender and breathe in the vastness of our Spirit.

Savasana is a choice to rest in the magnitude, the uncontained, the unknown, the miracle, and the magic of our truth.

And that truth is with us, with all roles stripped away.

It is with us in whatever choices we’ve made in our lives,
in whatever we’ve said yes to,
whatever we’ve said no to.

That part of us is steady, ever-present.

Will you accept savasana’s invitation with me?

With love,