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65 A Biltmore Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801



Pure Yoga is located adjacent to the ALOFT hotel garage, on the Lexington Ave. side of the building (behind 67 Biltmore Cafe and Asheville Wine Market).


Street parking is available seven days a week. Parking is also available in the ALOFT hotel garage adjacent to the studio (free for the first hour!).

Question: I’m not flexible! Can I do yoga?

YES! This is exactly why you should do yoga. Even the most challenging poses can be modified to fit your body where it is today. With continued practice, you will build flexibility and the ability to move gracefully & safely on and off your mat.

Yoga is also about flexibility of the mind. Each time we take to our mats, we challenge ourselves to stretch our ideas of what we can and cannot do, we open our minds to the present, and we exercise our mind-body-breath connection.

Question: I have an injury. Should I wait until I’m healed?

Seek the advice of your wellness advisor or healthcare team, and listen to your intuition. You know your body best. With that said, each yoga pose can be modified to accommodate injury, illness, lack of strength or limited range of motion. Always share your concerns with your teacher so that we can work together to create the right practice for you.

Question: What should I bring/wear?

Come to class with a mat, water bottle, hand/mat towel and an open mind.  If you have one, bring a block and strap or use those on hand at the studio. We recommend yoga pants or shorts and a fitted top that wicks moisture. If your shirt isn’t fitted, tuck it in. We practice in bare feet.

Question: Why the heat?

Simply put, heat deepens the breath, burns more calories, conditions your heart and detoxifies your body more efficiently. Don’t worry! After a few classes, you will love the heat (especially during winter).

We offer hot (85-95 degrees), warm (80-85 degrees) and non-heated classes. Make sure to check the schedule!

Question: How often should I practice yoga?

If you practice yoga once a week, you’ll love it and get a great workout. If you practice twice per week, you’ll transform your body. If you practice three or more times per week, you’ll transform your life! Balancing power classes with gentle classes creates an amazing harmony.

Question: Is yoga a religion?

No. Yoga is a lifestyle practice that creates excellent physical conditioning and decreases stress. Our aim is to help you live your most healthy life in this present moment; enhancing whatever is most precious to you – family, faith, joy, work, gratitude. Yoga does not conflict with the beliefs of any faith, and for most people, allows them to experience their spirituality more fully.

Question: I’ve never practiced yoga. Where should I start?

We offer the perfect intro of 30 days of unlimited yoga for $30 to give you the opportunity to try all of the classes on our schedule.

Many students dive right in and learn as they go.  Gentle and non-heated classes are great starting points.  If you’re in good shape and/or have done a bit of yoga, you could also start with a slow flow or power vinyasa class.

Always consult your physician or healthcare professional before starting any exercise routine.

Question: I don't have a yoga mat. Do you have mats available at the studio?

Yes, both yoga mats and towels are available for rent at the studio.

Question: What kind of facilities are available in the studio?

Pure Yoga Asheville offers both a changing room and single bathroom facility. We also have cubbies for you to store personal items and clothing while you attend class.

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